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The Eyes’ Guide to Sunglasses

We won’t pretend that there is only one reason to get sunglasses.     Yes, some people wish to avoid the strain and discomfort that can be caused to their eyes by being out in harsh lighting conditions. Others, however, just want to look cool. Many want both, and...

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Help for Dry Eyes

Some things are best dry, like socks, firewood, and the humor of Bob Newhart. Your eyes are not one of these things. If you regularly suffer from dry, scratchy, uncomfortable eyes, there may be an underlying problem that requires some professional assistance. The...

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Easy Tips To Maintain Your Eye Health

Our eyesight is easy to take for granted—until something goes wrong with it. That’s why making the right choices in life now can mean much more to our future vision than we might ever suspect. When it comes to our eyes, our overall health and lifestyle can have a...

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Why Does My Eye Prescription Change?

Change is constant. Landlines are disappearing, nobody does the Macarena anymore, and eventually cars might all drive themselves around. And then there are bodies. Our shoe sizes change. Our belt sizes (can) change. And, in many cases, our eye prescriptions are prone...

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Keeping Clear Eyes While Winter Driving

You should naturally pay close attention to the road any time of season you are driving, but winter has ways of testing your driving skills in “hard mode.” Black ice, drifting snow, and other drivers fishtailing in front of you are just a few of the extra “features”...

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Taking Care of Your Eyes with Diabetes

Receiving a diagnosis of diabetes can feel like a real turning point in many lives. It often signifies changes in lifestyle, routines, and the way one looks at daily life.What it isn’t is a life sentence. People can still do so many of the things they love while...

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