Eyelid Lift Surgery

Oculoplastic: Lifting the Lid on Your Procedure

Eyelid surgery is not just a procedure for people who are worried about their drooping lids—it can actually help improve peripheral sight that’s been restricted by excess skin. Drooping lids can block peripheral vision and limit your visual field. A simple oculoplastic procedure to lift your lids can help restore your range of vision.

The Problem with Drooping Lids

Your eyelids exist to protect your eyes from debris and help prevent drying out. Whether you realize it or not, your eyelids are critical for maintaining healthy eyes and vision. They maintain a healthy tear film over the surface of your eye, supply oxygen to the cornea, and help focus your vision. Just like any other area of skin, however, your lids are affected by age and gravity. Over time, your upper lids can wrinkle and droop. Fatty deposits behind your lids can bulge out over time and exacerbate the sagging as well. Sometimes the muscle that opens the eyelid can “slip” and contribute to drying.

This becomes a problem when the stretched out, excess skin begins to droop over the tops and sides of your eyes. This can restrict your field of peripheral vision. With sagging skin in the way, you can’t see as much above or to the sides. Sometimes the skin can even push your eyelashes down in front of your eye and block central vision, too. A lid lift surgery, also known a blepharoplasty, removes the stretchy excess skin, tightening your upper lids and eliminating the block in your peripheral vision. This is a very common and safe type of oculoplastic surgery that’s done right in the office as an out-patient procedure.

Is Oculoplastic Surgery Right for You?

Eyelid lift surgery

A lid lift surgery such as a blepharoplasty might be right for you if you have excessively baggy eyelids that hang over the tops or sides of your eyes. Our experienced physicians will examine your eyes and your lids to see if you appear to be a good candidate. They will take photos of your lids from multiple angles as well. After that, a simple visual field test will determine how much of your peripheral vision is being blocked by your eyelids. You will also need to be able to lie mostly or completely flat safely and comfortably for the procedure. If your lids block your peripheral vision and you can have the procedure safely, you are a good candidate for eyelid surgery.

What to Expect from Your Procedure

A blepharoplasty is a safe oculoplastic surgery that is performed in our office. Once you have been cleared for the procedure, our experienced surgeons will discuss the process and its risks to you in detail. You will need to stop taking blood-thinning medications and some herbal supplements a couple weeks before your surgery. At your appointment, your lids will be carefully numbed, then your surgeon will remove the excess skin and tighten your upper lids. The procedure typically takes one to two hours.

After your surgery, you’ll be able to go home to recuperate. Avoid rubbing your eyes and apply ice packs to reduce swelling around your lids. You may experience bruising and swelling, giving you temporary “black eyes.” Limit your activities and take it easy for a few days as well. Avoid any heavy lifting for at least a week. Follow-up appointments will make sure the surgery was successful and you don’t have any problems with your lids.

There’s no reason to accept heavy, droopy lids or decrease peripheral vision when it can be prevented. Don’t let your lids get in your way! Our team at Sight Eye Clinic will help you determine if a lid lift procedure is right for you. Contact us for more information or an appointment at our Zeeland, MI, office. Simply call (616) 772-2020 today.

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