Summer Eye Protection Tips

by | May 17, 2017

Summer’s finally on its way – break out your swimsuits, sandals, and beach gear, Zeeland, and don’t forget your sunscreen to protect yourself from our long-lost friend, the sun! Of course, your eyes need protection, too, and not just from harmful UV rays. There are all sorts of hazards to your eyes lurking in the summer months — from harsh pool chemicals to blowing sand, yard work dangers, sports injuries, and freak accidents! However, you don’t have to be afraid of going out and enjoying the weather. Just follow these helpful tips to keep eyes safe and healthy:

  • Keep your sunglasses handy and make sure they block both UVA and UVB rays. Eyes can get sunburned too, and long-term exposure to ultraviolet light can increase the development of cataracts. Wearing a wide-brimmed hat is a great idea, too!
  • Don protective eyewear when digging in to projects. Whether you’re cleaning up the yard, building a deck, or painting the garage, protective eye gear can prevent injuries from flying objects, splashes, dust, and debris.
  • Stop irritants before they irritate you! Wash your hands after applying sunscreen and insect repellent, or if you are handling plants so you don’t accidentally spread harmful substances to your eyes. If you do come in contact with irritants, including pool chemicals or lake water, wash out eyes with warm water as soon as possible.
  • Strap on some sport goggles. Whether it’s caused by an elbow, a baseball, or even some stray gravel, eyes can easily get injured when participating in sports. It’s best to take precautionary steps by wearing goggles no matter if you’re throwing a frisbee or catching a pop up.
  • Be ready for anything! While you can’t control every odd occurrence – such as firecrackers gone awry, paint pellets or snapped bungees — you can keep your protective eyewear with you just in case. Always think to yourself, “Could this pose a possible eye hazard?” If so, as they say, “Better safe than sorry!”

Follow these tips for a safe and fun summer, and if you need additional help with eye protection, call our Zeeland, MI office by dialing (616) 772-2020 to set up an appointment today. Happy summer!