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Eye Safety on the Lake Michigan Beach

West Michigan natives know there’s nothing like a trip to the beach on a hot summer day! We’ve already had a couple of scorching heat waves in our part of the globe this year, and no doubt more are on the way. So before you pack your beach bag and head out to the...

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What to Do About Watery Eyes

If your eyes are always watering over—and you know it has nothing to do with chopping onions or crying over your busted NCAA bracket—you may need help from one of our experienced ophthalmologists.

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Cloudy Vision? Could Be a Cataract!

When an eye problem is affecting your vision or causing other symptoms, you should have an understanding as to what is happening. More than that, you will want to know what can be done about it. Even more important, though, is being able to recognize the fact a...

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Eye Care Guide

Your physical body is amazingly engineered to do so much on its own. Sure, this entails matters like regulating your breathing and blood circulation—just two examples of autonomic functions (ones you don’t have to give any thought)—but it also includes cellular repair...

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Check out The Sight Optical Shop!

Sight Eye Clinic is committed to providing you and your family with the best eye care possible. Naturally, a major treatment option for many patients who experience vision issues is a pair of prescription eyeglasses. This “gold standard” in vision correction is unique...

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Introducing Dr. Stacey Wustman

At Sight Eye Clinic, we take a tremendous amount of pride in the first-class care and treatment we are able to offer our patients. In order to do so, we certainly use advanced techniques and state-of-the-art equipment – but it also means we’re committed to having the...

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