Our Optical Department: Why We’re Your Stop for Frames, Lenses, and More

by | Sep 20, 2019

Having your eyes checked is often only part of an overall opthalmic experience, depending on what happens. If it has been determined that you need glasses or contacts, your existing prescription has changed, or you simply need some new frames, then there is still some work to do!

There are more options than ever before for finding frames, lenses, and contacts. We have had our optical department for as long as we have been in existence (which is a long time). Steve Borgman, our lead optician, has been with the practice for more than 40 years. We have several other talented opticians with many years of experience. They can help you choose the best frame styles to fit the shape of your face as well as colors that will complement you best. We use frames of superior quality and only the best lenses to help you achieve the sharpest vision possible. 

Our Selection is Right Here, Right Now

Our experts will make sure your frames are filled properly and the optical centers of the lenses are in the correct spot. Errors with fit will reduce your vision and comfort.

The optical department at Sight Eye Clinic offers a wide range of frames from multiple brands, and all of them are right here for you to try on to your heart’s content. We also tend to have a wider selection than many multi-purpose stores, thanks to the relationships we’ve formed with suppliers over the decades. Find the style and comfort you want here and now, without having to worry about shipping stuff back.


Attractive young African woman selecting glasses

We Have All the Information on What You Need

Lenses and contacts can come with options. There are anti-reflective coatings, transition lenses that change their shade levels, prescription sunglasses themselves, and even lenses designed primarily for those who have to stare at screens for extended periods of time.

You might benefit greatly from some of these options, but others may be completely useless to you. How do you know the best way to navigate these choices?

If we have had the opportunity to examine you—and especially if we have been doing so for some time—we know more about your eyes and your vision needs than most other places. We can discuss possible options with you and provide answers to any questions you may have.

And if you have more advanced prescriptions, such as bifocals, then the experience of a trusted eye doctor is even more paramount. Both the type of lens and the frame they are put in can have a big effect on ultimate performance.

Comprehensive Trust You Can Depend On

The choice is ultimately yours when it comes to where you go for frames, lenses, contacts, and other optical items, but we will always be happy to help our patients find the best-looking, best-fitting, and best-performing options.

If you need to schedule an appointment, or have questions about your eyewear, give our Zeeland office a call at (616) 772-2020. You can also reach us electronically via our online contact form.