How to Find the Best Glasses for Your Face Shape

by | Feb 16, 2017

Choosing a new set of frames for your glasses can be an exciting time. The shape, color, and designs you pick define your style and the way you’ll look for as long as you have them. Picking out great frames involves more than just choosing whatever looks nice in a display case, of course. You want your glasses to look great on your face. Understanding your face shape can help you look for frames that are the most flattering for you.

Faces comes in many shapes. They can be round, oval, square, or even heart-shaped. They can be long, short, or angular, too. Certain frames compliment certain features. The best frames will highlight your best features and look proportional on your face.

Here are a few tips for finding frames for the most common face shapes:

  • Round – Circular faces pair best with angular, geometric eyewear. Look for rectangular shapes and thinner frames. A contrasting bridge color can make your eyes look wider apart.
  • Oval – An oval face shape can fit many frame styles, depending on your preferences! Have fun with bold shapes. Wide frames balance your face. Full frames are great for long faces, while half-frames or rimless options are good for petite ones.
  • Square – Since you already have an angular face, look for rounded, thin frames. Half-rim and rimless options can balance a strong jawline.
  • Heart-shaped – With a narrower, pointed jaw and broad cheek bones or forehead, look for wide styles. Full frames are best, particularly when they’re narrow or pointed by your temples.

Of course, the best way to choose frames is to have them fitted by experts who can help you not only get the right shape, but also make sure the size is correct and the focal points of your lenses will line up with your eyes. At Sight Eye Clinic, our optical staff have years of experience working with all frame styles and face shapes. You can come straight from your vision or prescription check to our glasses shop and we’ll help you pick the best possible frames for your face.

If it’s time for new frames, make sure they’re pairs you’re excited to wear. Contact our Zeeland, MI, office for more information about new glasses or to schedule an appointment to get your prescription updated today. You can reach us through our website or by calling (616) 772-2020.