When Was the Last Time You Had Your Eyes Examined?

by | Aug 25, 2017

It’s National Eye Examination Month! Probably not a coincidence that it coincides with back-to-school time, since eye exams for kids are so important, but when you make an appointment for your child, make sure to make one for yourself, too! Regular checkups are essential to maintain your vision and ensure optimum eye health.  Wait too long between visits, and you may discover you’ve been walking around with the wrong prescription and straining your eyes.

In addition, yearly eye exams can detect signs of serious health issues, not only affecting the eyes, but the rest of your body as well. From cataracts and glaucoma to diabetes, high blood pressure, and more, a comprehensive eye exam can catch these problems early before serious consequences occur, including stroke, nerve damage, loss of vision, and even blindness.

It’s especially important to schedule annual eye examinations if you have a family history of eye disease, or knowledge of any of the health issues above. This allows us to monitor your condition, slow or even stop progression of vision loss, and maintain both your eyesight and eye health.

So, don’t take chances with your eyes! If you haven’t done so already, get an appointment on your calendar for an eye exam so you can stay healthy, see clearly, and set a great example for your kids! Of course, if you are having problems or have sustained an injury, don’t wait! Call today to set up a visit at our Zeeland, MI office. Dial (616) 772-2020 or simply use our online contact form.

Happy National Eye Examination Month! Hope to See You Soon!