What are cataract symptoms?

Cataracts are a common problem that inhibits your vision as you get older. As your natural lens gets cloudier, cataract symptoms will become progressively worse. The most common sign is blurrier vision, so you need more frequent changes in your glasses or contacts prescriptions. Colors can appear faded or somewhat yellower. You might have more trouble seeing at night, with lights appearing to have “halos” around them. You may be more sensitive to light glare as well. You might even develop double vision issues.

These symptoms develop slowly over time, so you may not notice them until they have significantly distorted or inhibited your vision. If you are noticing these changes, and they’re making it harder to see clearly, have your eyes checked so the cataracts can be diagnosed and be taken care of when they’re ready. Our team at Sight Eye Clinic are cataract experts and will help you determine if your symptoms are a lens problem or something else. Contact our Zeeland, MI, office today through our website or by calling (616) 772-2020.