When should my child have an eye exam?

Children have their vision screened at the pediatrician during well-child visits. Their vision should be checked at birth, during infancy, and at childhood exams. 

If at any time there is a question of how well a child sees – including having poor vision in one eye or crossed, out-turning, or wandering eyes – they should be referred to an eye care professional for a complete exam.

If corrective lenses are needed, the rate of eye exams may be increased to once per year.

Conditions that may require more frequent eye exams include crossed eyes, severe astigmatism, developmental delays, or a known history of eye disease within the family. We will discuss any outlying factors with you and make our recommendations on how best to move forward with examinations.

Just because eye exams may be on a recommended schedule, however, does not mean you should wait until your next appointment to bring up any developing concerns you may have about your child’s vision. We will always be happy to talk with you about your child’s vision health.