How often should I change my contacts?

This answer depends largely upon the type of contacts you wear, but it is very important to follow those recommendations accordingly. Not changing your contact lenses as recommended can lead to problems ranging from minor eye irritation to permanent damage.

Typical guidelines are below, but we must stress: always follow any directions provided directly by your eye care professional or contacts provider, even if they conflict with the suggestions below.

  • Daily disposable contacts, as their name implies, should usually be changed every single day.
  • One- or two-week disposable lenses can typically last up to two weeks, naturally. However, they must still be removed and stored in fresh solution each night.
  • Monthly disposable contacts typically last around 30 days, but can often be worn to sleep in overnight.

Whether you actually wear your contacts or not on some days has no effect on when you should dispose of them. In other words, 30-day contacts should be disposed of 30 days after you first remove them from the packaging; it does not matter whether you have actually worn them for 30 days or not.

Please do not hesitate to contact us whenever you have questions about your contact lenses or their use. We will be happy to help you.


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