4 Big Mistakes You Make with Your Contacts

by | Jan 17, 2017

Thousands of people wear contact lenses every day for many reasons. Glasses can be inconvenient for sports and other athletic activities, while other people simply enjoy the freedom of not wearing their frames every day. Contact lenses are convenient and popular. The problem is that many people make serious mistakes with their contacts care. They don’t realize how sharply they’re increasing their risks for eye infections and ulcers.

Contact lenses are convenient for the same reason they are risky: they sit directly on the surface of the eyeball. Over time they can become coated in bacteria, especially if they aren’t cared for properly. Poor contacts care habits sharply increase your risks for your lenses becoming an unsanitary object that contributes to painful infections and decreased vision.

Here are a few of the most common mistakes people make with their lenses:

  1. Wearing disposable lenses for too long – Disposable contacts have an expiration date for a good reason. The lenses wear out, and typically become more and more coated in bacteria over time. If you have daily or monthly lenses, throw them out when their time is up.
  2. Sleeping in your lenses – Sleeping in your lenses isn’t healthy for your eye. The plastic acts as a barrier, reducing how much oxygen reaches the surface of your eye. Give your eyes a break at night so they can recover from your day wear.
  3. Not using contact solution – Your lenses need to be cleaned and disinfected. Don’t just use tap water, which can be packed with bacteria. Soak your lenses in fresh, proper solution at night.
  4. Not getting your prescription updated – Your prescription and lens needs can change over time. Often you can’t even order lenses without a recent update. Get your prescription checked at a bare minimum of every two years, even if nothing seems to change!

Contact lenses need proper care to prevent them from becoming coated in bacteria and then transferring the contaminants directly to your eyes. Making lens care mistakes can leave you with decreased vision, sensitive eyes, and serious pain. It’s not worth the risks. If you’re already experiencing pain from using your lenses, know you need a prescription update, or want more information about laser eye care, don’t wait. Contact our team at Sight Eye Clinic for a consultation today. Just call our Zeeland, MI, office at (616) 772-2020.